PyRates Documentation

Documentation of PyRates, an open-source Python toolbox for dynamical systems modeling.



PyRates features, installation instructions, and other general information.

Use Examples

Galleries containing fully documented use examples that can be downloaded as Python scripts or jupyter notebook files.


Detailed API of all classes and functions available to the user.


If you use PyRates, please cite:

Gast, R., Knösche, T. R. & Kennedy, A. (2023). PyRates - A Code-Generation Tool for Dynamical Systems Modeling. PLOS Computational Biology 19 (12), e1011761.

Gast, R., Rose, D., Salomon, C., Möller, H. E., Weiskopf, N., & Knösche, T. R. (2019). PyRates-A Python framework for rate-based neural simulations. PloS one, 14(12), e0225900.


If you have questions, problems or suggestions regarding PyRates, please contact Richard Gast.


PyRates is an open-source project that everyone is welcome to contribute to. Check out our GitHub repository for all the source code, open issues etc. and send us a pull request, if you would like to contribute something to our software.